See Demons Find Miracles

We all have demons and gremlins in our lives. The experiences we don’t want. The trauma we’d rather seal up and cast away. The people who hurt us.

We look for angels- for the guardian or savior or string of good luck that is going to turn things around. Hoping tomorrow will be better. Declaring “This week the lemons will be lemonade and I’m going to find that window people talk about- the one that opens when the doors close!”

The problem with angels is that so many of us looking for them have not read the Bible to understand what these warrior hands of God and do. Angels are not fairy godmothers looking over your shoulder solely focused on your well being. They are not leprechauns or fairy creatures that will tether to your life like a therapy dog.

The demons and the gremlins, and the monsters make up essential fibers of our being. Those experiences lend Teflon threads, wool threads, and moisture wicking technology into the wardrobe of our life weaving together with the silk and cotton moments.

When life overwhelms us imagination takes over and the legitimate painful experience pushes everything else out like a two ton gorilla in a tiny enclosure.

See the demons for what they are and why they are.

You don’t have to make friends with them but pluck some hair and weave the strength into the fabric of soul. The mark is going to be there no matter what so weave in just enough to create the miracle you need.

See Demons Find Miracles

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