The Power of Habits

Habits are tricky beasts. Powerful familiars when tamed but dangerous gremlins when they take on a life of their own.

It’s tempting to sort habits by good and bad but life is messy.

Healthier labels might be good for me and bad for me.

Situations change and we add right now to the label then things change again and the precarious misuse of caveats can take up into a never ending spiral.  One way to keep focus to constantly reminding yourself to ask “is this good for me right now or is this  bad for me right now. Good and bad are measures of comfort they are thought about how things in and around you help you or hurt you and predictions about how the experiences you take on today build a better tomorrow or tear away good things in your life.

“Am I in control of this habit or is this habit in control of me?”

Habits have no moral compass so instead giving them characteristics of good and bad try viewing them as beasts. Are your habits destructive and controlling you or powerful and serving you. Does the dog walk you or do you walk the dog?

Healthy developed habits give you control over your life but bad habits are a sort of addiction that causes negative doubts and excuses.

Life is always getting in the way of things I want to do.

Maybe I have too many ambitions.

Perhaps I’m a dreamer instead of a doer.

We all have habits.. what are yours?

The Power of Habits

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