21 Hours to 100

The 100 Hour Theory looms in my mind.

A different approach to goal setting where instead of focusing on the ultimate goal we put energy into the pursuit of our ambitions.

We set goals and sometimes we meet them but usually we either fail, quit, or modify the goal line.  Popular approach toward making your dreams come true is

Decide what you want (goal)

Break it into smaller steps (benchmarks)

Make is happen one step at a time.

Fantastic advice and it works… except when it doesn’t. 

Why Most of us Need a New Way

Modern society has a horrible negative connotation to failure.  We see failing as bad and we see not attaining a goal as failure. Every time you set a goal and don’t attain it you teach yourself that the outcome of trying is failure.  In response we try harder and when the plan doesn’t lead directly to the expected outcome goal the belief in failure grown and confidence shrinks.

Now, you may be the most strong headed, full throttle, risk taker in the universe but this goal is thwarted and with each failed attempt it gets harder and harder.

Of course, there are people who don’t suffer from this phenomenon of growing potential for failure with every new attempt to succeed.  To those folks, “sincere congratulations! Keep doing what your doing- it’s working.”

The rest of us haven’t found our secret recipe to manifesting our ideas and making our ambitions real.  I recommend changing from hard and fast traditional goal setting to a more fluid, mindful pursuit. The big goal is your aspiration and your benchmarks are the time you spend working toward you aspiration.

By the end of The Hundred Hour Program you will feel successful.  You will have an accomplishment that bolsters you.  You will be inspired to continue working toward you aspirations and have a stronger sense of your personal patterns, procrastination bait, and inspirational triggers.

Honestly, 100 hours is totally doable and at the end of a hundred hours you will have learned and achieved but most people get bogged down before they get a quarter of the way through so,

Part One of 21 to 100.

  1. Thinking
    What do you want?  Why do you want this?  How do you think you can achieve it?
    How have you gone about this before?  Have you met your goals about this in the past? Did you loose the gains you made?  Did attacking this goal turn out differently than you expected?  Why do you think you didn’t succeed the first time?Get a notebook, post it on social media, type it into your phone notes app.  While or after you swirl all this around in your mind and soul WRITE IT DOWN.
  2. Narrow
    “What I want” in a single sentence.
    I want to loose 50 pounds. I want to get promoted.   I want to reconnect with my family.  I want to play the guitar. I need to find a job. I want to take a trip around the world. I want to learn to cook.  I want to write a book.  I want to be able to …Don’t worry about if your goal is too big or two small the hundred hour approach with help you sort that out later. Just get a starting point.
  3. Because
    “I want to __________________ because I think it will _______________________.
    You’ve already done your thinking so just write the sentence. If you have multiple goals look for connections between them and maybe your aspiration isn’t to be skinnier and make more friends and not spend to much time at doctors appointments or being avoiding pictures- perhaps your aspiration is to find your comfortable self because you think you will spend less time worrying and have more energy to be happy. Don’t just think these things in your head WRITE IT DOWN.
  4. Define and Commit
    Fill in the blanks and then say out loud, speaking clearly:
    I will spend/devote/commit One Hundred Hours pursuing _______________________.
    All of my time counts.
    The work I’ve put in never expires.
    I can set a set a schedule but if it takes me three months or thirty years I will keep working toward my ambition and make time and space, one hour at a time, to _______________________________________________________________________________.

Part Two of 21 to 100 TRACKING

  • Figure out a way to keep track of your applied time.  ALL moments spent working on this count.  You may take credit for 10 or 15 minutes at a time but be sure to tally your hours.  It’s a good idea to track them on a calendar or a list with dates so you will be able to spot patterns later but the main thing is deciding on a ay to track your hours.
  • Log the hours you have already completed!
    You read this article, you though about this article- it’s bounced around in your head and you’ve developed a system to track your hours.  That’s at least an hour.
  • Continue finding time to put effort into your ambition and be sure to tally that time.
    Anytime you spend focused on the ambition counts.  Signing up for the gym. Researching how to take a continuing education class.  Deciding if you really want to try this.  Telling friends or family about this crazy idea.. it all counts.  This wasted time is part of most people’s process to success and you must give yourself credit for the energy your spending! Later on in the program there will be a time to assess procrastination and avoidance but during this first 21 hours if your thinking about or doing it track it. Want a promotion? Getting a haircut and improving you appearance is energy spent- track it. Learning to play an instrument? Acquiring the instrument and searching the internet learning more about it counts- log it

Part Three of 21 to 100

  • Apply 21 hours of effort toward your aspiration and keep going.
  • If you’ve accomplished 21 hours you can accomplish 10 more.

If the specific goals toward your aspiration have shifted a bit that’s fine… in this program you never start over you just keep moving forward finding your Path to Yes, changing dreams to aspirations and manifesting a fulfilled, balanced life.

Let me know how your doing and what you think. Comment, follow /aprilbairwriter and @aprilbair on social media or email me at writerbair@gmail.com

Do something new today!

21 Hours to 100